Shamrock Pretzel Bites

The “guilty” shamrock bites

When my first daughter, now 11 was in preschool and it was a magical time. I was experiencing all the "firsts" with her and I loved it. I loved seeing her little world expand. Becoming a "big" girl right before my very eyes. I dressed her to the nines, I helped her new friendships grow by hosting weekly play dates outside of school so the kids could get to know one another better. Any project that was sent home for her and I to complete I took on like it was going to be graded. Lucy blossomed and grew and I was sure she was "brilliant".  Later, I found out she was just "regular" but that's neither here nor there.   Today's slice is about my youngest and a little mom guilt. Lyla (3) started preschool last fall. The school is right next door and we go there often to visit her ... Read more!


Pork Chops and Applesauce (Crock Pot Cake)

I am a child of the 70's.  My sons look at me with disbelief when I tell them that cartoons only played on Saturday mornings and we only had 5 channels. We didn't watch a lot of Television but one show that was always on was The Brady Bunch. I know every word from every episode. I got pork chops this week to make for dinner and in my head I heard... Here is how we do chops around ... Read more!



It is that point in winter when I am just sick of it. Gray skies, dry skin, everyone with cabin fever and that wet boot smell. I am ready for spring. A few days after Christmas Uncle Sam  brought me an Amaryllis kit. A cute little white birch pot, a bag of soil and a bulb.  I read the directions and set her on the mantle. Have I ever told you that I can grow almost anything OUTSIDE but a house ... Read more!

party candle3

Frosting on the cake

When I was growing up there were no Chuck E Cheese birthday parties for us. Birthdays were celebrated with family. Both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and sometimes my Gramma Betty's BFFs Squirt , Barb and Mel would gather at my house or Gramma Betty's to celebrate.  There would be a few brightly wrapped presents and a homemade 13x9 chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. There ... Read more!

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I love green beans & bacon

I love green beans! I've been known to open up a can of cut ones and eat em right there, all room temperature and everything. I bought a pound of fresh ones this week and couldn't wait to make em old school. As I was snapping the ends off I remembered being a child, sitting on the back porch with my Grandpa Kenny. He had a massive garden every summer, like football field sized. He loved ... Read more!