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A Bingo-Themed Party

Throwing a great party is all about picking the right theme and sticking to it, keeping all elements tied to the central theme and ensuring that the whole event flows. The right atmosphere can set the stage for some great fun, and when your party is all about having fun and getting to know each other, a bingo theme might be the best fit for you. Bingo is one of the oldest games to still be enjoyed today, and a report showed that there were 2.48 million online bingo players in the UK alone. It’s been adopted a countless number of times, and it’s not just played in bingo halls, but during baby showers"" as well. Even if you don’t want to actually play the game, using bingo as the central theme for any party is easy. Here ... Read more!


Memories In Pewter

Twenty Five years ago...gulp, yeah twenty five years. Twenty five years ago I finished High School in my basement. I had gone to a private, Christian school, an A.C.E. school for 11 years, we moved and I finished homeschooling.  I never really had a "graduation". I finished, got a diploma and cap and gown in the mail. I donned my best plus sized mother-of-the-bride looking suit and we had a party ... Read more!


Jenner-ation Why?

    I have hesitated writing this post. I am troubled not by a person, for if I truly believe what I say I do, I am to love the person. I am troubled by a lie. I have been overwhelmed with photos and opinions that seem to me to be ludicrous. I am going to tell you why...     I am a woman. A 43 year old woman. When I was young, the ideal of beauty was a ... Read more!


There’s Gonna Be a Happy Mother Somewhere…

I'm excited and pleased to announce the winner of the Jamberry Mother's Day gift set today!!! It's Heather!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats girl! Maybe you are June? Perhaps you're married to pudding pop! Maybe you are Roseanne... Perhaps you're Frankie Heck. Maybe you're the mama to some fur babies. I feel a kinship to Beverly Goldberg! It's not always pretty and at ... Read more!


Sushi & My Sous Chefs

  This was the 2nd time I've attempted to make sushi. It went better than the last time and was more aesthetically pleasing. It requires some serious prep time (especially for the "sticky" rice), a trip to a couple different markets and a few willing sous chefs. This particular Saturday some good friends came to help me out in the kitchen and to celebrate my 40th and their son's 8th ... Read more!