My girls do look a little like me!

This is 40!

  In little less than 2 weeks I'll be celebrating a mile stone in my life. Wait for it... pretend to be shocked... I'm turning... 40!   It feels really weird to me. I've pondered why and I've come up with three reasons. 1. I "feel" like I have the maturity level of a 17 year old boy and the body of a 65 year old woman. That averages out to me turning 33 (this is without any mathematical calculations of course). 2. I remember my mother turning 40 (I was 15) and she seemed SO VERY OLD to me. 3. I've consistently wished my life away since the age of 2 and now that I've hit the "half way" mark in my life's journey I'm worried that it's almost over. Like seriously, most of us will live to be 80ish. But this is me at 40! I wouldn't go back. Even ... Read more!


Mom at Work, on the Baby Shower

        I love Pinterest...but I think perhaps it leads to my insanity. I go there often for ideas and inspiration and I usually find more than I could imagine! Seems like in this season of my life, the faster I work the behinder I get. I was invited to help with a baby shower for a special gal I catered a wedding for last year. I was thrilled. I offered to do food ... Read more!


Submarine Style Pasta Salad and a Baby Shower

Some folks might think that Baby Shower chow should be light and elegant. Finger sandwiches and tea cakes. Well, we in Wisconsin had 1 foot of snow and a get-together and we decided soup and salads would be just fine. I made 2 tried and true favorite  soups White Chicken Chili and Sausage, Kale and Potato. I made my old fashion creamy pasta salad and then I created this...SubStyle Pasta ... Read more!

To die for!

Bacon Wrapped Roasted Cabbage Wedges

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't use coupons. If you do, then go you! Not that I haven't tried, I have! I've gotten the circulars out, clipped em, organized em, made meal plans around what was on sale, put them in my purse, then forget to use them or they expire. Then I'm all like, "I want that half hour of my life back" resentful... Plus I hate little scraps of paper. ... Read more!


Rings of Gold

Today, this glorious day in the middle of March, we fired up the grill for burgers. Our first grill out is always special. I thought I'd try something different to celebrate. I did a bit of snooping around the internet and got some ideas. Onion Rings! I hate those thick, gritty, frozen ones. I noticed a certain secret ingredient in a few light and crispy onion ring recipes...Powdered Potatoes!! ... Read more!